Fizz is a boutique manufacturer of nitrogen generation systems in a broad range of purities and flows.  We have been manufacturing these systems since 2005.  We started as a beverage dispense and custom blend gas manufacturer and we now have a full line of nitrogen generators for dispense, lab and industrial applications. We make nitrogen easy!

Nitro-Draught is a nitrogen generator and blending system that enables draught, wine, coffee and soda retailers to maximize profits by improving the quality and eliminating the waste.  Nitro-Draught has helped retailers world-wide realize draught beer revenue improvements up to 50%.

The Nitro-Draught System provides draft retailers with a hands-free gas system that fully realizes the profits of draught.  In addition to the benefits of Nitro-Draught, we provide a detailed analysis of the draught system to include: temperature (from storage to the glass), draught system design analysis, beer line (coil) and glass wear cleaning, types of glass wear and a profit analysis.

The Nitro-Draught nitrogen generating and gas blending system is currently creating additional profit for tens of thousands of retailers world-wide.  In North America, we have Nitro-Draughts installed at over 10,000 locations and over 20,000 world-wide. Electrical certification listed and approved.

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