Thanks to these satisfied customers!

"I was hesitant at first, but the results speak for themselves!  Carbo-Draught® has delivered consistent pressured, CO2 and Nitrogen blends to our high volume draught system.  No loose cylinder citations, no mid-shift changes and a perfectly poured pint every time.  Our barmen love the system and we recommend it to anyone that pours beer; even our competitors!"  Update Aug 2009: "We were early adopters of the new Carbo-Draught capabilities when they came to the Dallas market through Reliant and we continue to be very pleased with our results.  Being an Irish Pub concept, we run a high volume of Stouts & Nitro-Tap Reds, in addition we have a minimum of 40% nitrogen in all gas blends which helps us to maintain a better balance to the finished beer.  The addition of the Carbo-Draught unit has been a great decision which pays for itself on a monthly basis. Thank you Reliant for bringing the Carbo-Draught option to us at Trinity Hall!

Trinity Hall Irish Pub & Restaurant, Marius Donnelly, Proprietor & Ex-Chief Bottle Changer, Dallas, TX

"The system has served us well. Heck, I'm just thankful not having a huge (and dangerous) ramble of gas cylinders."  

Lance Wood, General Manager, Flat Branch Pub & Brewing

"I immediately saw a 6% drop in cost of purchased product, in addition to 100% increase on profit of draft beer sales.  The Carbo-Draught® is everything it says it is.  The immediate advantages I saw were safety, quality, convenience.  I don't have to worry about my gas needs for my beer system in my restaurant."  

Joe Huban, General Manager, Operator of a major chain in Tidewater, VA

"At our TopGolf Dallas site, we have been using the Nitro-Draught system from Reliant for about a year now.  In that time we have noticed a significant decrease in beer waste and seen our beer counts per keg go up.  It also saves space, time, and money from ordering normal CO2 tanks.  I would use this system in any bar and highly recommend it."  

Clint Walter, Bar Manager, TopGolf Dallas

"Our restaurant has been in teh business for over ten years now and we have tried many different systems to eliminate beer waste in order to increase profit and decrese loss.  Fortunately for us, we have found the Nitro-Draught system.  It has proven to decrease our spillage.  With forty-two tap handles and twenty-five different beers on draft, significant savings has incurred.  We are also able to eliminate the need for individual tanks for our sodagun machines behind the bar and in teh server tower.  I highly recommend teh use of Nitro-Draught. Their service is local and provides excellent care. 

The Londoner, Billy Scullion, Manager

Why not to use high pressure cylinders.

Comments: i was injured at work cause my boss made me pick up a 100 lb co2 tank from another location and i had to transport it in my small car i had a spinal fusion surgery and on work comp are there state or federal laws on transpoting these tanks. im trying to prove that my boss created a unsafe work situation that caused my injurey to hold them responsible for my wages.