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Each facet of  the brewing industry plays an important role in delivering on the promise of great draught beer. The Draught Beer Quality website is organized with each area of the industry in mind:

  • Brewers: The passionate craftsmen in the brewery creating liquid art.
  • Consumers: Patrons have best and most important job of all, enjoying craft beer.
  • System Service Providers and Installers: Professionals working to keep draught beer pouring at peak freshness.
  • Retailers: The keepers of fine taverns, working to create the perfect environment to drink great beer.
  • Distributors and Wholesalers: Companies working to distribute fresh, cold beer at just the right time and place.

When handled properly from brewery to glass, draught beer delivers the freshest most flavorful beer available to the consumer. Great beer must be handled conscientiously to arrive in the glass in perfect condition. As one industry insider recently quipped, “Even the Mona Lisa would look terrible in a museum with lousy lighting.”

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A vast array of documents and presentations for retailer, wholesalers and the entire brewing industry for free. 2018 Draught Quality Workshop at GABF